Thursday, February 25, 2010

Small Dog Infestation!

Things in rescue seem to happen in gushes, not sprinkles. We don't get one cat; we get 5 litters of kittens. We don't get one dog with issues, we get half a dozen. We don't get one expensive medical case, we get weird medical issues out the wazoo. Fortunately, Karma keeps things in balance so that often, we don't get one adoption; we get bunches!

The trend for this week is tons of small dogs. Rarely do we have this many small dogs at one time. Fate worked out that way, and we have little guys stuffed in to every available foster home. Fortunately for these guys, they get adopted quickly - even the ones who have issues. People are more forgiving of the cute, tiny dogs than the large drooly ones, in general. (We think there's nothing better than a giant drooling dog, but to each his own!)

Small-dog-a-palooza is happening Saturday February 27th from 1pm - 5pm at Pet Lover's Warehouse on Garner's Ferry Rd. in Columbia SC.

Several people have already submitted applications and are coming Saturday to meet their new babies, just to make sure there is a connection. If you snooze, you lose, so check our website at and submit an application now to adopt your own cute little monkey. (and by monkey, I mean little dog).

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